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Wireless Driver issue in Ubuntu 9.10 for Compaq CQ40

Posted by Bala on December 10, 2009

On Tuesday night I installed Ubuntu 9.10 on my friend’s Compaq CQ40 Laptop. The installation went fine and there was no issues. Most of drivers got detected automatically and everything was fine except the Wireless LAN card. With “lspci” command I found the name of the Wireless manufacturer as BroadCom BCM4312 802.11b/g. Then with help of my junior Senthil Kumaran S, we found that we need to install bcmwl-kernel-source which is available in Ubuntu Repository and a restart of the system made the Wireless card to work properly. Thanks to Ubuntu Forums for pointing out this in the below mentioned thread.


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Pendrive Linux

Posted by Bala on October 26, 2007

Recently I came to know about Pendrive Linux (Running Linux from Pendrive) and I was interested in trying that. In Pendrive Linux website, I read about the information given about the same. GNU/Linux can boot from a flashdrive where booting from FlashDrive is allowed. Also, I saw information about booting GNU/Linux inside Windoze without rebooting the system. I downloaded the setup file and tried it today. I was really happy to see the Linux window after very long time 🙂

Initially LiveCDs came up and now PenDrive Linux 🙂 Hope GNU/Linux can be booted from all type of storage medias soon.

Instructions for starting Pendrive Linux in Windoze without rebooting:

  1. Download QemuPDL.exe and run the executable. (It will extract to a folder named QemuPDL)
  2. Password to extract is
  3. Navigate to the QemuPDL folder and click the LaunchPDL.bat file to start running Pen Drive Linux from Windows.

Complete instructions can be found from website

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Installed Debian GNU/Linux

Posted by Bala on December 22, 2005

After some struggle i am able to install GNU/Linux. I got the new Debian Sarge 14 CDs when i went to Madurai for FStival. After long time i am installing the GNU/Linux. I faced few problems while installing which i never faced before. The first one is the installation of GRUB to the boot partition is failed. When checking i found that bootable flag for /boot partition is set to false. So i changed the bootable flag to true. I dont know whether thats the real solution but it works. This is the first time i created separate partition for boot since Joe told me that it might be necessary if Debian is installed in 80 GB HDD. After that installation went smooth and the Debian Base System was installed. I logged into a GNU/Linux machine after long time (almost after 6 months). The second problem was i am not able to configure the source for apt. when i entered /dev/cdrom as device file for CDROM, error thrown as /dev/cdrom is not a block file. When tried to mount the cdrom using /dev/cdrom file “open failed” error shown. So, i started googling for the solution and found a valuable solution from . As from the instructions i tried to give /dev/hdb as CDROM device file and it worked. I dont know how my previous installations when i was in college went fine when i enter /dev/cdrom for CDROM. Then the installation got over and i am able to login to my GNU box. Spent a little time with that and felt happy to work in GNU box again.

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FStival ’05

Posted by Bala on September 12, 2005

I went to Madurai on Septmeber 10, 2005 to attend FStival ’05, Software Freedom Day Celebration at Thiagarajar College of Engineering organised by GLUGOT and GLUG-Madurai. Joe came there to attend the FStival ’05. I see lot of changes in Joe’s apperance.
The chief guest is Mr.Murali, Consultant in AU-KBC research center. His appearance makes me to wonder at him. Such a great person with long hairs and he was very simple.In the morning session, he gave a nice talk on FOSS and how FOSS is emerging in Industries. After that Demo stalls were organised. I burnt the new Debian GNU/Linux Distro.

Last year we conducted this event. This year we are just looking at it. Time is running very fast. In the afternoon, we had a formal meeting regarding changing TCENet to Phython and GNU/Linux. At 4 PM the FStival Demo Stalls are closed and we started walking. Had a nice chat with all my juniors. I was remembering lot of moments happened in College. At 7PM i went to Madurai Meenakshi amman Temple and spent some time there and started to Dharmapuri. Usually when i start to home from college i will be happy. But not this time. Unwillingly i said “Bye” to Madurai.

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GLUGOT Session #12

Posted by Bala on February 19, 2005

Today in GLUGOT we had a session on Microkernel development basics handled by Senthil Kumaran. He discussed about Kernel, type of kernel, GRUB Loader, Multiboot kernel and many more. Since its related to my project the session went very interesting for me. This time the strength of the meeting is high around 21 people attended. People from KLN, Southern Railways attended the meeting. Then after the session Joe spoked about Licenses. He told about GPL, MIT, LGPL, BSD etc. Then we watched the movie The Code. A nice picture about the community.

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GLUGOT session #11

Posted by Bala on January 9, 2005

Today in GLUGOT we had session on “Programming with gtk+ libraries”. Nithya handled the Session. She started with basics of gtk+ programming and explained about widgets, signals, events, containers. She gave a example for creating a window and adding widgets, signals to it. The session was really interesting. As usual only few people (around 10) attended the meeting. Since Joe and few junior guys went to Internship at Virtuasa they not able to attend it.

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GNU Assembler

Posted by Bala on December 23, 2004

I started studying for my Final year project – goaTee,a Mexokernel based Operating System, since last week. The team includes 8 members. Joe steeve of MECSE is guiding us to do the project. He had programmed the kernel and we are going to build the other layers of the OS. Now i am studying how to program using GNU Assembler. I am referring the tutorials downloaded from

Though the book deals from basic concepts, i find easy to learn things from it.

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PThreads session on LUG Meeting…

Posted by Bala on December 11, 2004

Today me and Arun Ponniah had a session on PThreads Programming at GLUGOT.Today’s meeting had roughly 10 people. It started with processes, threads, etc.. and proceeded to race conditions, synchronisation, concurrent servers etc.. finally ended with details on programming using PThreads. I referred the man pages and workshops/workshop/pthreads/MAIN.html

The site provides me valuable information about Pthreads.

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Posted by Bala on August 29, 2004

FStival, Free Software Festival is conducted here as part of Software Freedom Day celebrations by GLUGOT and GLUG-Madurai. Ganesan Krishnan from Virtuasa, Chennai explained us how Free Software helps their company. Vijaykumar from MIDAS gave us a introduction on Emacs ( a wonderful Editor ). No editors can equal Emacs functionalities.

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