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PicLens – Addon to Mozilla Firefox

Posted by Bala on June 18, 2008

Thanks to PKP for referring this PicLens application in his blog.

PicLens, an Addon application, provides an immersive full-screen experience for viewing photos and videos on the supported sites listed below and on sites that support Media RSS.

It supports most of the sites which provides Media RSS. Some of the popular sites are Picasa, YouTube, Flickr, Phoyobucket, Google Images Search,  Yahoo Images Search etc.

This add on helps to view all the pictures/videos shown on the website in a fraction of second. I personally  tried the application and found to be useful.


One Response to “PicLens – Addon to Mozilla Firefox”

  1. Luna Yang said

    Hi Bala,

    Thank you for your post on PicLens! We really appreciate it.

    PicLens 1.7 comes with three exciting new additions:

    * Discover — MSNBC, ESPN, movie trailers…Surf the latest media feeds on the 3D Wall.
    * Shop Amazon — Browse products from Amazon in a new virtual window shopping environment.
    * Return to PicLens — Easily toggle in and out of PicLens to your browser and desktop!

    Please check out or to learn more!

    Thanks again,
    Luna and The Cooliris Team

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