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New Year Trip

Posted by Bala on January 11, 2008

Thought of updating this for a long time, got a chance to update today. As planned, Me, my brother and my brother friends left to Palani on New Year morning before the sun rise. Our first destination, Thirumoorthymalai we reached around 11:30 morning. At 01:00 we had our bath. The water is so fresh and the entire place is like ice water flowing as river. After a nice bath, we started to Palani and reached by 05:00 PM. There I completed my venduthal of putting mottai 😉 Had a very good dharishanam in the temple and started back home at 09:00 PM. The whole way back we had very good discussion (like neeya nana) in the car with Hari.

Overall, I enjoyed the trip 🙂

At thirumoorthimalai dam

Me at thirumoorthimalai dam

After mottai

After mottai


4 Responses to “New Year Trip”

  1. rsriram said

    hi bala anne..
    belly baala lendu mottai bala aitingala??

  2. For time being da… will become belly bala again in 2 months and after 2 months… will become Bala… 🙂 going to join gym from this week

  3. Praveen said

    motta adichavanaellam shivaji rajini aaga mudiyathu
    thoppa vechanellam udanae korachudavum mudiyaathu

  4. Dai… nan un dialogueku reply panna virumbala… seyala kammikuren..

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