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Pendrive Linux

Posted by Bala on October 26, 2007

Recently I came to know about Pendrive Linux (Running Linux from Pendrive) and I was interested in trying that. In Pendrive Linux website, I read about the information given about the same. GNU/Linux can boot from a flashdrive where booting from FlashDrive is allowed. Also, I saw information about booting GNU/Linux inside Windoze without rebooting the system. I downloaded the setup file and tried it today. I was really happy to see the Linux window after very long time 🙂

Initially LiveCDs came up and now PenDrive Linux 🙂 Hope GNU/Linux can be booted from all type of storage medias soon.

Instructions for starting Pendrive Linux in Windoze without rebooting:

  1. Download QemuPDL.exe and run the executable. (It will extract to a folder named QemuPDL)
  2. Password to extract is
  3. Navigate to the QemuPDL folder and click the LaunchPDL.bat file to start running Pen Drive Linux from Windows.

Complete instructions can be found from website


6 Responses to “Pendrive Linux”

  1. Sometimes I feel hard without being accessible to an unix box in my work place. This sounds interesting, try pannuren.

  2. Bala said

    Yes. But I don’t know how quick the access will be. I am using it in a PC with 1GB RAM and after Linux got booted my system became bit slow 😦

  3. radify said

    Pendrivelinux Rocks!

  4. arun said

    Hi Bala..

    Pendrvie is paka linux too tried its fine…..

    This is arun from chennai..and i am from dharmapuri..while search “linux dharmapur” i finded out your blog site….its really nice to have such a great guy in dharmapuri….do lot in linux…..if possible we can meet in dharmapuri..bye..bye

  5. Hi Arun… I am not a great guy… I am like FOSS policies.. so i have keen interest in knowing things around Linux and GNU.. Please give your mobile number to my mail id so that i can get contact with you…

  6. archu said

    ethavathu post panrathu..

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