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Sivaji – The Boss – Review

Posted by Bala on June 23, 2007

As per my plan, I saw the film on the first day. Started from office at 04:30 PM and reached Dharmapuri by 07:45 PM. Went to the theatre by 08:15 by that time evening show was still running. Since it is my friend’s theatre, went inside without any problems. The show started at 09:15 and ended by 01:00. The film totally got 19 reels which runs for 03 hours and 15 mins.


Sivaji is a Rajini film directed by Shankar and not a Shankar film starring Rajini; which one do you prefer? One thing for sure, if you prefer the latter you are surely in the minority. Now you may be getting a feel of what the movie is like.

The movie has everything that the trailers had promised. The fun, the lover, the terror and the boss. The first half of the film gives fun and the lover sivaji and the second half gives the terror and the boss sivaji.

Vivek done his work really superb, he was with Rajini almost all the scenes except the last few mins. Rajini’s mottai Boss style is ultimate.

Though the film lags usual punch dialogues and Rajini’s styles, the movie is a complete entrainer for the one who see it as a Rajini film. Inspite of Rajini, Vivek delivers the punch dialogues.

Few of the punch dialogues:

1. Chittoor thandinaa Katpadi… Sivajia theendina Dead Body.

2. Six-ku appuram Seven… Intha Sivajiku appuram Yeven da?

and one Rajini’s punch dialogue I could remember is:

Panni thanda kootam kootama varum… Singam enaikum singlea than varum 🙂

Overall i can give 4 stars for the film 🙂 4 Stars


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