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Moving out….

Posted by Bala on March 22, 2007

Now a days I am feeling very lazy to update my blog. The thing which I thought to update recently was about my decision to move out of Wipro Technologies. It took a long time for me to decide whether to move out of Wipro or not. Finally I made the decision one fine evening and started applying for job openings, not many I applied. I applied for Nokia and D.E.Shaw through employee references. I got shortlisted for both of the companies and I decided to attend for Nokia since the job location is based on Bangalore. Both Tech and HR interview went on fine. Nokia offered me with a very good package and I was happy about it, then I told my decision to my managers in Wipro. After few discussion sessions with the managers, my last day was decided and I will be moving out of Wipro by May 11th,2007 and joining Nokia by May 14th, 2007.


2 Responses to “Moving out….”

  1. archu said

    kalakara bala

  2. s.Balamurugan said

    am also name of balamurugan i read your entire web
    realy nice floating.Congrads! Ur future job.


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