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Lot of things..

Posted by Bala on January 16, 2007

Its being a long time I blogged. Almost after three months I logged to my blog account. Just a brief about the things happened:

  • Went on a long vacation (3 weeks)
  • Started browsing center in Dharmapuri in the name of Baalamurugan Internet Cafe
  • Wipro awarded me as Prodigy – 2006 (Best Campus Recruit)

8 Responses to “Lot of things..”

  1. Joe Steeve said

    Wow., internet center?? awesome.. So., now I know where to go for Internet if i’m stuck at dharmapuri.. 😀

  2. Bala said

    Yes Joe… 🙂

  3. archu said

    bala, sounds kool..
    wats the set up like.. ?

  4. Congrats on your endeavors anna [:)]

  5. archu said

    updates? new posts? where are u Bala…!

  6. Hi Balamuruganan,
    I’m an alumni of TCE (MCA, ‘91), and enjoyed reading your comments about the institution. Congrats on your opening a Browsing Centre, and best wishes for it’s success!

    I was in the college recently (Jan 20-21) for an Alumni meet.

    I recently posted a blog entry – “Walk down memory lane at TCE” (at ), and would love to have your comments from a “more recent student” perspective.

    Please visit when you have the time and let me have your comments!

  7. archu said

    hey bala..
    no updates?

  8. Bala said

    updated archu 🙂

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