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Bye to Samsung R220 – Hi to Nokia 3230

Posted by Bala on February 8, 2006

Almost after 4 years using Samsung R220 i got new Nokia 3230.



11 Responses to “Bye to Samsung R220 – Hi to Nokia 3230”

  1. dae pudhu mobile ellam vaangi kalakura.. enjoy pannu.. apdiyae andha phonela irundhu oru call pannu.. jz for fun..

  2. Beem, un size-ukae mobile vangee irukka!! Heard that the model has plenty of features, cool 😉

  3. Yes da.. Check out the link under Nokia 3230. It got all the things what i needed. FM, MP3Player, Extendable memory, IR Port, Bluetooth and many more da..

  4. Senthil said

    hi bams, new cell with many features. gr8. njoy

  5. enna bala.. puthu mobile.. puthu life pramatham… 😀

  6. Thanks Archu 🙂

  7. Dai.. Bala pudhu mobile ellam vaangi kalakure.. Enjoy man….

    How much did that cost man?

    I think it is a bit cheap in B’lore than at Chennai.

    Here your model costs 13,500/- da.

  8. Its 12K here, just last week my brother bought this model.

  9. Yes da.. i bought it for 12K.
    dai sap your brother also got the same mobile.. cool da…then when you will get a new mobile?

  10. dai bala…super da..kalakkara bala..engiyo poitta ..super mobile da…

  11. Da Rodent said

    Yo! mama.. that was awesome..

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