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Early Morning Dream…

Posted by Bala on December 5, 2005

There is a belief that early morning Dream comes true. But I don’t know how this dream going to be true. I don’t remember the exact dream, just blogging some pieces of the dream. I am walking down for the first day of the school. I was roaming in the school to know about my class. I entered Chemistry lab and my friends are sitting there. A staff was there and discussing with the students, the surprise in this is, she was my college lecturer. Before my dream gets completion my alarm started to wake me up. Every one, who had a nice time in school will enjoy being back to those days. I am not a exceptional one. Looking for a nice opportunity to meet all my school friends at school. 🙂


8 Responses to “Early Morning Dream…”

  1. dai…school la coll lecturer a namba mudiyala da…whos tht coll lecturer

  2. Amman da Keyan, etho volarae try panni-irrukan-nu theriyuthu!!

  3. Dai don’t see the logic in the dream.

  4. I am Jealousy said

    ooooo i hope early morning dreams come true i just had reli awsome one (y) 🙂

  5. Mano said

    Hey Guys …

    I always dream when ever I sleep …its been part of my life but some time it is awful and very stressful.

    What I have realized that dreams are combination of different thing you have in your mind (but you keep on ignoring)…something you want to achieve in core of your heart and mind….some unrelated things .

    sometimes in my dream characters keep on changing ….some time i don’t understand my dream.

    so just before sleeping have some nice moments …or sleep with out any stress (atleast try to do it) ..the bad dreams will disappear.

    at the end we are humans so most of the times our mind is busy …so yeah bad/good dreams are always welcome 🙂

  6. Shakti said

    Hey All,

    Dreams r a part of your sleep…its very much present whether you remember or not… Some say…they are warnings or messages…some say they r nothing but thoughts that keep on hovering over ur mind….some say they have no meaning…they r only some places and people combined with voices….but even I have heared that early morning dreams do come true…. I also saw a dream last night …rather today morning around 4 – 4:30…and so was searching on net about dreams coming true…so came across this … I really want that to come true…lets c if it happens..and is it happens I would certainly post a sequel for this note of mine….stating…whether it happened or not…That would certainly back my belief or break my believe of the phrase “Early morning dreams come true “.

  7. naveen said

    some times early morning dreams may come true in real life, but we have awake suddenly after the dream and also if you could recall the clear picture of the dream it may happens in future

  8. begie said

    I have many dreams but this thing is the weirdo’s ever! but because of that weird dream, i am here in net.. google about the early morning dream… and search some answer if morning dreams can be true or not. But i was looking forward about it. I pray it come.. in the right time and right person in the right circumstances. thanx!

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