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Got the Joining Date

Posted by Bala on June 9, 2005

Right from the morning i am got many good news. Today in the morning around 11 AM Karthik.G, my dear most friend called me and told that he got placed in TCS. Around 3 PM, one of my college junior called me and told that She got placed in Wipro (now my colleague). At 8 PM i just playing games in the system, i don’t know what makes me to me check the mail. Because i usually check mails only after 11 PM. I got a mail from Wipro regarding the joining date.( a thing i am expecting for many days ). My training starts on June 27. I have to report on June 24. My place of training and posting will be at Bangalore. Along with me my class mates Narayanan, K.N.Karthik got the same date to join.


5 Responses to “Got the Joining Date”

  1. dai i feel gr8 tht we had got into blore..but the sad part is tht only some of us r comin 2 blore .

  2. i feel very happy that you (karthik) got the training place as what i got..

  3. karthik.V said

    All the Best!!
    Congrats to G.Karthik..

  4. 01IT06 said

    no idea where i will get my joining date, still waiting…

  5. 01IT06 said

    no updates why? busy with wipro training?

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