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At Hogenakkal

Posted by Bala on March 9, 2005

On last Sunday me, my brother, and Uncle’s sons from Banglore went to Hogenakkal. We started from home with 5 bikes. We reached Pennagram and had breakfast there. Then we continued riding. In the mountain ranges we travelled slowly enjoying the nature’s beauty. At Hogenakkal expect me and my brother every body had oil massage. We are not taken oil massage since one of my relative died few days before and my mom told upto Thursday we cannot take oil bath. The person massaged superbly. Then enjoyed under the waterfalls for around 45 minutes. Then we had lunch (Fish) and started to home again taking photographs all the way. I uploaded the photographs in Y! Photos


One Response to “At Hogenakkal”

  1. Kalyan Banerjee said

    Seems you had a great time. But you havent explained much about what you liked about the place, what you did etc. I went there as well and I liked most the coracle ride and bathing under a waterfall. I also blogged about it at my travel blog:

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