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Project Documentation completed || Study Holidays || Started Studying

Posted by Bala on March 30, 2005

Today Aravind Baalaji got sign in the Project Documentation which completes our project work. Now i am in my study holidays 😦 Today only i am going to start studying for the exams. This time the subjects are very tough. We got
1. Parallel Processing
2. Multimedia Systems
3. Operating System and Design
4. Engineering Economy and Management
5. Network Security
6. Mobile Applications.

The last semester exam in my college life. Exams starts on April 6, 2005.


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Last Working Day :-(

Posted by Bala on March 19, 2005

Yesterday is the last working day of our college. Also College Day has been conducted yesterday. I am sitting in the auditorium to receive the Medal for the Best Outgoing CSE student while my class mates roamed all over the college. As usual the function didn’t started on time. The function’s chiefguest was Dr.Venu Srinvasan, Managing Director, Sundaram Motors. His speech was really great. I received a silver medal for him and i feel very happy. After receiving the medal i showed it to Shalinie mam and joined with my class mates for roaming. We all sit at a place and chatted for till 10:30 PM. We spoke how we entered this college and we spent time, likes and dislikes etc., Finally we went saying bye in words alone.

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GATE Score

Posted by Bala on March 16, 2005

Today GATE 2005 Results have been published. I scored 87.27 percentile score. I am really surprised on seeing this. Because i not prepared for appearing GATE for even a single day.

GATE Score: 329
Percentile: 87.27
All India Rank: 3444

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Protesting against Software Patents..

Posted by Bala on March 16, 2005

I Protest against the THE PATENTS (AMENDMENT) ORDINANCE, 2004
that is going to be introduced by the Indian parliment.

All fellow Indians please support the Free Software community in its struggle against this ordinance which will hurt software freedom.
Representation made by the Free Software Foundation of India to the Government of India read more…

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Best Outgoing Student

Posted by Bala on March 15, 2005

I have been selected as the Best Outgoing Student of the CSE department for this year. I will receive a medal on coming Thursday.

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New Portal Launched

Posted by Bala on March 13, 2005

New portal for TCENet has been launched. This time we were a lot for this. Joe adviced us to change the entire site using style sheets. Me, Arun and our juniors Priyadarshini, Sudha, Padmashree worked. We just organised and they done the rebuild work.

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At Hogenakkal

Posted by Bala on March 9, 2005

On last Sunday me, my brother, and Uncle’s sons from Banglore went to Hogenakkal. We started from home with 5 bikes. We reached Pennagram and had breakfast there. Then we continued riding. In the mountain ranges we travelled slowly enjoying the nature’s beauty. At Hogenakkal expect me and my brother every body had oil massage. We are not taken oil massage since one of my relative died few days before and my mom told upto Thursday we cannot take oil bath. The person massaged superbly. Then enjoyed under the waterfalls for around 45 minutes. Then we had lunch (Fish) and started to home again taking photographs all the way. I uploaded the photographs in Y! Photos

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GOATEE Project Review #3

Posted by Bala on March 4, 2005

Today we had Third and final Project Review for Goatee. I speaked about Memory Management server. For the past two days we were at Aravind Baalaji’s house for doing some coding works.
We started memory manager coding. The jobs done by memory manager in sequential order
1. Counts the number of Pages in the Physical memory.
2. Allocates a page for creating bitmap for knowing about page availability.
3. Constructs the bitmap.

Today we loaded our GOATEE/ProX in a IBM machine at College and happy to see our OS loaded in a system 🙂

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