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Day on Pongal

Posted by Bala on January 15, 2005

Today morning i went to all my friends house and ate sweets. I called Sudha and Ranjani to wish (my juniors)them. The shocking news i heard is from ‘The Hindu’ which says about common placement in TamilNadu. Then Ranjani called me for clarifying whether to attend the placement for Wipro or not. I suggested her to attend. Few of my juniors got worried about the interview. I spoke to them how to face the interview and after that they got some confidence. It nice to see some body got encouraged by me. Gokul gave me and Dinesh a fine treat at Agarwal Bhavan. In the evening me, karthik, Dinesh, Naveen,Ganesh all went to ayya film. We reserved the ticket for the film (first time in Dharmapuri). The film is not so bad and not so good. Atlast i came to know that the placement is for final years and not for third years.


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After 52 Days..

Posted by Bala on January 13, 2005

Today after 52 days i came back to Dharmapuri. I started from Madurai yesterday around 8:30 PM and reached Dharmapuri today early morning at 4:00 AM. I was the first one to wish my brother for his birthday at 5:00 who came from Chennai. The climate here is much colder than what i expected. In the noon it became very hot. As usual had nice food items through out the day. I showed the offer letter to my parents they became very happy after seeing it. My mother asked me about the lost suitcase. Today i installed Debian Sarge into my cute system. I am searching for the internal modem driver so that i can browse from GNU/Linux.

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Registered for C-Surf in Vortex

Posted by Bala on January 12, 2005

Today i registered myself for participating in c-surf conducted by NITT, Trichy. Last time also i registered but since at that time i was in hostel (on sundays lab will not be opened in college) i am unable to attend the contest. But this time i am going home and i have my own cute system i will pariticipate this time surely. The contest is on January 16.

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GLUGOT session #11

Posted by Bala on January 9, 2005

Today in GLUGOT we had session on “Programming with gtk+ libraries”. Nithya handled the Session. She started with basics of gtk+ programming and explained about widgets, signals, events, containers. She gave a example for creating a window and adding widgets, signals to it. The session was really interesting. As usual only few people (around 10) attended the meeting. Since Joe and few junior guys went to Internship at Virtuasa they not able to attend it.

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Goatee Project Review 2…

Posted by Bala on January 6, 2005

Today after noon we had the project review for Goatee. We prepared the presentation using Openoffice Impress and exported as a PDF. I am very much happy about the presentation since it is done completely with GNU/Linux. I prepared to speak about Process Management Server, Memory Management Server and IPC Server. Arun Ponniah prepared to speak about Mexokernel architecture and First Task. Since Arvind Baalaaji had throat problems we asked them to speak about the Tools used and Modules under consideration. The presentation went good. Only few queries have been asked. We answered the questions. The Review presentation was uploaded in my newly constructing website (which will be completed soon).

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On New Year….

Posted by Bala on January 4, 2005

This new year not an enjoyable one. Usually we have camp fire at hostel but due to Tsnuami attack we cancelled camp fire. I wished all my friends for the new year. I went to Thiruparankundram temple. My class mate inivited to his home for his parents 25 th Annivesary. Me and my class mate Balaji went to his home and had a nice lunch. That night i saw the film True Lies in Hostel Theatre and Armageddon film at room. Both films are really superb.

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