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Succesful Cyber ’04

Posted by Bala on October 2, 2004

I am very happy that everything in Cyber went good. The wish i made not came real. It started raining at 5:30 AM. Most of the decoration work was spoiled by rain. I came to Auditorium at 7:30 AM. Everything seems to be ready for the Inaugural. I sent volunteers to receive the Chief Guest. At 8:30AM delegates started to enter the Auditorium but due to rain i am not able to get the systems ready for Registration. At 9:00 AM the systems arrived at Auditorium and we started the Registration. Chief Guest Mr.Mathivanan came to the Auditorium by 10:00 AM. Then the function starts. We tried to garland our beloved Principal but he refused it. The Guest Lecture started by 10:30 AM and as per my request Mr.Mathivanan ended the Lecture at 11:30 AM. Then we break for the Tea. We offered Mr.Mathivanan with Travelling Allowance but he refused to get it. Then the contests are started at sharp 11:45 AM. I am roaming here and there to look after whats going on. At afternoon me and my junior Senthilkumaran prepared the Cash Prizes for the Winners. All the contest went superb expect Webdesigning contest. The event coordinators doesnot prepared for that event. i.e, they didn’t installed Flash in the systems. Each and every participant asking about it. Then we managed them to do only HTML (a bad thing). Except that all the contests are simply superb. At 5:30PM i started to sign in the Certificates. We invited Principal to attend the Valendictory function but he refused since he was in a meeting. At 7:00 PM the most awaited part of Cyber took place. The Culturals started at K.M. Auditorium. Few of my classmates started shouting when the dance of Final years stopped. Regarding feedback every Participant congratulated us and few told about the Web Designing Contest. I apologized to them. Atlast everything gets completed at 8:00 PM. A grant succesful Cyber. I proud to be General Secretary of a Successful Cyber ’04.


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